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Installation of SuSE Linux 10.0 and Windows
on a PC with Mainboard ASRock K7S41GX

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Report on the Installation of SuSE Linux 10.0, Windows 98, and Windows XP
on a PC with Mainboard ASRock K7S41GX


The installation of SuSE Linux 10.0 must be done with the Option "Installation - ACPI Disabled". Then everything runs well and without problems. Otherwise there are problems with "mouse and keyboard dead" or system hangs.

Windows 98 and Windows XP can only be installed when during the installation the USB function of the mainboard is disabled in the system BIOS. Otherwise there are problems with "Black Screen" and system hangs.

OS/2 Warp 4 with the addition of the free updates in the internet could not be installed, it cannot cope with the hard disk. The installation was tried from USB diskette. However, OS/2 was the only operating system (out of the tried ones) that ran without problems until the installation was discontinued, and that gave a correct error message why it could not be installed.

For more details please refer to the version in German language.


PC:         Complete PC system, without operating system
Hardware Components:
            Mainboard ASRock K7S41GX
              with Chipset SiS 741GX / SiS 963L
              Onboard VGA (probably SiS 741 - Mirage)
              Onboard LAN (Ethernet, probably SiS 900)
            Processor AMD Sempron 2800+ (Socket A or S462 resp., FSB 166 MHz)
            256MB DDR 400MHz (1x256) Memory
            200GB (7200rpm) ATA (IDE) Hard Drive 100/133
            16x DVD Drive
            16x DVD+/-RW DLayer Drive
            16-in-1 Media Card Reader
            Logitech Desktop Internet Pro Wireless Tastatur & Maus - German (QWERTZ) - USB-Connection
In addition: Monitor Macom F70 (SVGA) (during installation, not part of delivered system), lateron
             Flat Screen Acer AL1914, connectable via VGA- or DVI-cable (not part of delivered system)    


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