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This website contains information on several operating systems for PCs, mainly on problems and their solutions or cirumventions, and on the internet.
It is mainly directed to software developers and internet users, but also to persons experiencing trouble in using their PCs, especially in connection with the internet.
The information offered is currently fairly limited and will be expanded gradually.

I myself have done software development and can develop or change programs for PCs and several other computer systems under different operating systems in various programming languages.
But at present I do programming only as a hobby and I offer programming work only in exceptional cases, e.g., when the computer systems or programming languages in question are still known only by very few persons.

However, I offer limited help for those who consider to change to Linux because they start feeling frustrated by certain aspects of Windows.
This help is free of charge, except for possible costs I have myself in providing it, and it can be given only to the extent that my time allows for this. The help is given according to the best of my knowledge, which, however, in the area of Linux is still far from perfect, and without any guarantee.
Persons requiring this help should live fairly close to me. I reserve the right to refuse help to persons that do not appeal to me for any reason without explanation. There is no legal title for this help.

For friends (and persons in the neighbourhood who want to become friends) I offer help on the same basis when they are changing to DSL. This relates to problems in accessing the internet from the PC as well as to problems with the telephones.


Information - mainly for software developers and internet users
Information on software in general, currently mainly hints on problems in connection with internet access via DSL.
Information relating to attacks from the internet, on the subject of internet law, and for inventors

Information about Linux
Information about Linux in general, hints to articles in PC papers, hints on problems in connection with internet access via DSL

Linux Problems and Solutions
Hints on some Linux problems and their solutions, currently mainly in connection with internet access via DSL

Information about OS/2
Links to websites on IBM OS/2

Information about Windows
Information about Windows in general, hints to articles in PC papers, hints on problems in connection with internet access via DSL

Windows Problems and Solutions
Hints on some Windows problems and their solutions, currently mainly in connection with internet access via DSL


Software Development
The site owner develops software as a hobby

EDP Materials
PC parts, materials for networks, and electrical installation materials can be obtained for friends

Site Owner Information
Postal address, telephone, fax, e-mail of the site owner


Recommended Companies and Products
Other companies and products for "real" business that the site owner can recommend from own knowledge

Interesting Websites
Links to interesting websites for leisure and recreation

Further useful websites
Links that we or friends sometimes use or have used, mainly to recall "where did I find this before?",
and that may also be of interest to others

How to Catch a Lion in the Desert
A guide for mathematicians and physicists - only in German language


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